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Therm & °Co is a subsidiary of Stevens & Co that opts for thermal modification of wood. During this process, based on heat and steam, but without the use of any chemicals, the stability and durability are greatly improved.

About Thermowood®

ThermoWood® is a thermal modification process from Finland that transforms wood under the influence of heat and steam (without any chemicals) into a sustainable and stable product, similar to wood from tropical forests.

Due to the increased durability it is better suited for outdoor applications. Moreover, ThermoWood® has an insulation capacity that is 23% higher than that of untreated wood. This makes it very suitable for the construction of passive houses.

This process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by using wood from local forests with a shorter growth cycle and by conserving natural forests. Since ThermoWood is a chemical-free product, it is fully recyclable.


23% higher insulation value

Durability class I to II

FSC or PEFC certified

Higher durability when compared to untreated wood due to a better resistance to rot-causing fungi

70% less swelling and shrinkage when compared to untreated wood

Higher stability in changing weather conditions when compared to untreated wood

Ecological production process (no chemicals)

Cheaper than tropical wood

Bending strength -10% to -15% when compared to untreated wood

Typical brown color gradually changes into silver grey

Less moisture absorption when compared to untreated wood (6% instead of 12%)

Lighter and therefore easier to place than tropical wood


    • Redwood

    • Whitewood

    • Radiata Pine

    • Ash

    • Poplar

    • Tulipwood

    • Ayous

    Without knots


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